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Filing For Interim Custody

Filing For Interim Custody

Although motions for expedited consideration are not commonplace within court proceedings, circumstances that involve child custody and the well-being of a child may render the approval of an expedited consideration motion. Interim custody, which signifies child custody in a temporary nature, can be granted if the court acknowledges the urgency of a given situation.

Filing for Expedited Consideration of Interim Custody

The inherent nature of this application varies, but an individual can request a motion to expedited consideration in their local Municipal or Court building.

The Presentation of Circumstances Surrounding the Need for Interim Custody

A court will only grant expedited consideration of interim custody in the event that a child’s wellbeing is jeopardized due to the nature of existing custody; an individual is encouraged to detail the urgency of the situation surround the child custody in question to the fullest extent.