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Ohio Family Law


A Quick Guide to Ohio Family Laws 


Ohio Family Laws


Compared to other states, Ohio family law, and statutes in general, are somewhat hard to search from a public perspective, but certain search tips can help you locate the statutes you are looking for at any given time.  A list of the most common Ohio family laws accessed by the public and attorneys is found at the following link under the Ohio Revised Code: 


Within this article, you will find brief information to help you search through the topics in the link above.  Additionally, you will find helpful search tips that can help you search in the “Search ORC” box on the website listed above and www.laws.com. 


Specific Ohio Family Laws and Statutes


After clicking on the link listed above, you’ll find chapters that address some of the most common topics in Ohio family law, and some analysis of certain chapters is provided below for your convenience.  You can find more information about Ohio family law and procedure within the recommend articles on this website as well.  


Chapter 3101: Marriage


This chapter provides specific Ohio family laws in the following areas: 


• grounds for divorce

• methods of consent by parent or court

• application of marriage license

• deleting social security numbers

• denying licenses

• who may solemnize marriages 


There are more topics within Ohio family law and this chapter, and if you need clarification on any procedure, you are always encouraged to speak with a family law attorney.  


Chapter 3105: Divorce, Alimony, Annulment, Dissolution of Marriage


This chapter is one of the longest chapters within Ohio family law, but some of the commonly accessed topics include grounds for divorce, division of property, spousal support payments, attorneys’ fees, and more.  


If you are a spouse trying to research Ohio family laws dealing with divorce, you should contact a divorce attorney immediately.  Without a divorce attorney, you may not receive the division of property, child support, or spousal support settlements you expected.  


Chapter 3113: Neglect, Abandonment, or Domestic Violence 


The sections within this address the spectrum of domestic violence laws and procedures within family law.  If you are victim researching these Ohio family laws, you should contact an attorney and even law enforcement while forming an exit plan.  


How to Search Ohio Family Law


Consider the follow search techniques while researching Ohio family laws.  These search techniques will work for this website as well.   


1. Stemming- this technique includes adding suffixes onto your search, such as divorces, divorcing, divorced, or more


2. Wildcards- a wildcard allows you to search multiple words using an asterisk, and govern* will usually bring you to govern, governs, governing, government, governmental, and more. 


3. Missing variables- you can search for a missing variable with a question mark, and wom?n will bring results associated with woman, women, and more


4. Boolean Operators- you should always consider using and, or, and not to limit your searches as well