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Texas Family Law


Quick Guide to Texas Family Law


What can I find Texas Family Laws?


A detailed and full listing of Texas family law can be found under the official government website of the Texas legislature.  All Texas family laws under state code are updated as of November 2011. 


In order to access Family Code section, you can use two methods of searching.  You can perform a quick search and click on the appropriate article under the Chapter you’re looking for, or you can search under the Texas Statutes.  


Texas family law mainly addresses divorce procedures, custody issues, and parental rights, but there are many more categories under the Texas Family Code.  


Divisions of Texas Family Code


Texas family laws are split up into different subtitles, and these divisions are listed below.  General provisions under Chapter 1 of Texas family law are described in the next section. 


Titles under the Texas Family Code


1. Title 1 The Marriage Relationship: this title of Texas family laws provides definitions for marriage, marriages that are presumed valid, the process of for dissolution of marriage, property rights, and more.  There are multiple forms you can locate including petitions, financial affidavits, and more for these laws.  


2. Title 2 Child in Relation to the Family: this title mainly describes the parent’s role in raising the child and possible penalties they may face if they interfere with the best interests of the child.


3. Title 3 Juvenile Justice Code: this title provides laws and procedures under Texas family law for proceedings in juvenile court for a child, such as those with a mental illness.  


4. Title 4 Protective Orders and Family Violence: this title lists definitions of family violence and procedures for applying for and modifying protective orders.  


5. Title 5 Parent-Child Relationship: this title mainly describes the guidelines associated with child support under Texas family law and what to do if child support is not being paid.  


For more information on these titles and other Texas family laws, visit the official website of the Texas legislature and look under 1 through 266 of the Family Code.  


General Provisions under Title 1: The Marriage Relationship 


This category of Texas family law provides general definitions of the state’s power hold marriage void or acceptable.  For example, Section 1.101 provides that the state has a certain obligation to investigate a marriage and its credibility in order to protect the percentage of parentage and security for the children of the relationship.  Chapter 6 states all marriage that are voidable under Texas family laws.  


Section 1.102 of these general provisions provides general definitions for a valid marriage when a spouse has engaged in two or more marriages.  Normally, the most recent marriage is valid and previous marriages are voidable.  


Section 1.108 of these provisions under Texas family law states that all agreements must be made in writing in order to qualify as enforceable.  The agreement cannot be an oral agreement, and each party much sign the agreement to establish validity.