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3 Methodologies In Determining Child Support Payments

3 Methodologies In Determining Child Support PaymentsChild Support Explained

The determination of Child support payments is passed down from the presiding family court; the amount of payment is determined by a variety of social, economic, and professional factors. A child support payment is monies paid by the non-custodial parent to the parent acting as the primary care custodian – or the custodial parent.

3 Methodologies Undertaken in the Determination of Child Support Payments

Within the legal field of family law, the determination of child support payments can be undertaken in 3 primary methods. The determination – and subsequent authentication – of child support payments may vary in accordance the specific details and factors of the relationship shared by the parents:

Child Support Payment Method #1: Financial Investigation

There primary criteria in the determination of child support payments is the review of the economic and financial status of both parties involved; this investigation will typically include not only the financial status of an individual parent with regard to the expenses incurred by children, but also the economic status notwithstanding any or all expenses incurred by children involved:

The amount of income earned by both parents – custodial and non-custodial – is factored in to the determination of child support. Due to the fact that both parents maintain the right to life and earnings that allow for their respective needs to be met, the apportionment of income is allotted upon the determination of child support payments

The custodial responsibility – both parental, as well as financial – is factored into the determination of a child support payment. In the event that the parental role that one parent has well-outweighs the other parent’s role, the magnitude of responsibility is taken into consideration upon factoring child support

The larger the number of children involved in a child support settlement will typically result in an increased prospective child support payments – more children is proportional to more responsibility, including both financial and parental. Both parents are required to provide an equal amount of child support – in a varied capacity – for their shared children

Child Support Payment Method #2: Child Support Calculator

Child support orders are legally binding documents that require non-custodial parent to provide monthly financial support for the child and/or children. Formulas used to calculate the amount of maintenance non-custodial parent owes to the custodial parent take into account how much money each parent ears, the amount of additional income to which each parent is entitled, how many children need support, how much time both parents pass their child and/or children, the cost of health insurance, the cost of childcare, and other pertinent details.

However, the implicit purpose of a child support calculator is informational, and it does not take into account the extra costs; the presiding court has final authority to determine the amount of alimony awarded.

Child Support Payment Method #3: Court Mandated Investigation

The presiding court can appoint a trained medical professional, such as a psychiatrist, psychologist or family case worker in order to perform an assessment of the roles, relationships, and quality of character of each parent involved in the litigation of child support payments. Upon the investigative measures undertaken with regard to the parents and family members, the substantiation of solvency can be authenticated.