Foster Care vs. Adoption

Foster Care vs. Adoption

November 30
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Foster Care vs. Adoption                When
looking to help in a child’s life, an individual may consider either
foster care or adoption. Either choice can greatly influence and change a
child’s life. Foster care is when a child is placed in the home of a
state certified caregiver. Generally these care givers are referred to
as a foster parent. A foster care parent is responsible of taking care
of the child on a day to day basis; therefore they must provide them
with food, shelter, health care and clothing. Although the foster care
parent is responsible for the child’s daily functioning, the state is
entitled to make all legal decisions. Foster care is intended to be a
short term placement until the child is granted permanent placement in
another home.

is when a person takes full custody of a child. Often adoption is done
by a biological family member; however that is not always the case. When
a child is adopted all rights are transferred over to the adoptive
parent. Adoption can be done through an open adoption, where biological
parents and adoptive parents discuss the adoption, or through a closed
adoption, where adoptive parents have no connection with biological
parents.  Adoption agencies are used to clarify the adoption as well as
ensure the possible safety of the child.

of whether a person chooses to adopt or become a foster parent, each
option can positively help the child.  It is important when considering
either method to make sure that the person is able to handle to
complications and struggles of being a parent. 


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