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Although motions for expedited consideration are not commonplace within court proceedings, circumstances that involve child custody and the well-being of a child may render the approval of an expedited consideration motion. Interim custody, which signifies child custody in a temporary nature, can be granted if the court acknowledges the urgency of a given situation.

Filing for Expedited Consideration of Interim Custody

The inherent nature of this application varies, but an individual can request a motion to expedited consideration in their local Municipal or Court building.

The Presentation of Circumstances Surrounding the Need for Interim Custody

A court will only grant expedited consideration of interim custody in the event that a child’s wellbeing is jeopardized due to the nature of existing custody; an individual is encouraged to detail the urgency of the situation surround the child custody in question to the fullest extent.

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Custody Laws At A Glance Fri, 03 Apr 2015 16:06:38 +0000
Issues over child custody are often enshrouded in tumultuous feelings and strong emotions. The quarrels that exist between partners can often impede a ruling for a child custody case. One of the most common problems that effectively delays and complicates custody laws is leaving a state with a child in the middle of a custody battle.
A parent's desire to move will be regulated by a state's custody laws; all states set forth specific parameters which define the rights of the parents involved of where and how far they can relocate. The court system that issued the initial custody ruling must approve the parent's move if an agreement is not reached through negotiation. 
Leaving a state with a child is specifically regulated by a state's custody laws. Regardless of location or ruling, the non-custodial parent can object to the desired move and request the court change custody.
Leave a state with a child and away from the jurisdiction of the original court is considered a material change of circumstances. This definition represents an alteration to the custodial situation that yields an amendment of the custodial rights. 

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Custody Laws in Utah Fri, 03 Apr 2015 16:06:38 +0000

The custody laws of Utah are distinct from all other states. This is not uncommon, for every state in America has a specific interpretation of child custody laws. The Utah law on custody allowsthe court system to make orders for the future care and custody of the parties' children as it deems appropriate. The court will consider the best interests of the child when awarding custody rights; the following factors will help determine according to the custody laws of Utah which parent should be awarded such rights:

Whether the psychological, physical, and emotional needs of the child will benefit from physical or joint legal custody.

The ability of each parent to give first priority to the welfare of the minor and reach shared decisions in the child's best interest;

Whether each parent is capable of establishing and maintaining a positive relationship with the child and the other parent.

Whether both parents helped raise the child before the divorce.

The geographical proximity of the parents.

The preference of the child if he or she is of sufficient age to form an intelligent preference.

The custody laws of Utah will also evaluate the maturity of the parents and their willingness and ability to protect and care for the child.

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